Savannah Brews Cruise

Join us on a Guided Tour of Savannah's most popular Breweries!

Savannah Brews Cruise

The Savannah Brews Cruise is an experience for your eyes, ears & taste buds.

Climb aboard our 13 passenger bus, with beer graphics on the windows and brewery stickers all over the roof.

Ride with us south, out of Downtown Savannah to an Industrial area where Coastal Empire Beer Co, is creating some of the most interesting & popular beers in the area. Learn the process of turning 4 basic ingredients, (water, malts, hops, & yeast) into the deliciousness we call beer, from taking a tour of their facility. The laid back feel of the tasting room is a good place to hang out while trying your 4 samples.

After about an hour, we will climb back on the bus for a 10-minute ride to SouthBound Brewing Co, Savannah’s first production brewery. There you will receive 4 tickets for your samples, and a tour of the facilities is offered by their knowledgeable staff if you want a more in-depth lesson on the beer making process & the history of the brewery. Use your Untappd app to check in your beers interactively with their tv monitors. This brewery with its bright mural on the walls & rock music playing is hip but not pretentious.

We load up again on the bus after an hour to head to our last stop, MoonRiver Brewing Co, Savannah’s only brewpub. We will park around the corner & make our way to this landmark¬†building, often referred to as Savannah’s most haunted building. We will be seated at a table & a flight of 4 beers will be served to you. Food is available for purchase, and this is where the tour ends.

At this point, I will have parked the bus & will be enjoying a beer with you, my new friends. You receive a 14 oz souvenir tasting mug when you get on the bus, this the apparatus you will use for sampling at the breweries & it works as a great to-go cup for walking around the city, as Savannah does allow for open containers on the streets in the historic downtown area.

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